Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was thinking over what really kills the time of a student of knowledge and then it could be for everyone else as well; and I found this to be two things: loneliness and over-socializing.

We hate to be alone because it's scary, and that's why marriage is always on our mind. And when we escape loneliness we over do it with too much socializing. Even today, the social media and FB is an example of this false feeling of being with the others and hating of being alone (you comment on something and keep refreshing the page to see how many cared to like your comment so that you would know how many really are out there with you).

Suggested solution:

Fight loneliness with qiyamul layl (night prayer), and over-socializing with reading seerah and the biography of great people of all times. This was the befriending-technique of the past before the invention of FB. This way you will never feel lonely and you will never be overwhelmed with social obligations.

-Copy & pasted from Sheikh Yaser Birjas' Facebook status.


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