Monday, April 6, 2015

Famous di Zaman Muda

Wise words from Sh. Salman al-Oudah:

The Harms of Fame

Ibn `Atā’ al-Sakandrī said: "If you are given fame early in life, you rarely succeed later in life."

The road to fame is traversed today with "likes" on Facebook and Twitter and with votes on reality television. It is a path which exposes young people to morally questionable relationships.

A lot of celebrities are deluded about their importance. They forget how they were in the past and how they might yet again become in the future.

Someone asked Ibn al-Mubārak what it means to be conceited. He answered: "It means to think that you have something going for you that others lack." [Sheikh Salman Al-Oudah]

May Allah grant us all humility and humbleness, and protect us from arrogance and seeking fame. Ameen!


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