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Berdakwah Sambil Menagih Dadah

I heard this story from Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki; And Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki heard this story from the guy in this story himself. So yeah, it's an authentic, true story alhamdulillah.

There's a brother from Canada (at the time, was a non-Muslim); He said that he started having interest in learning religion at a very early age; Around the age of 9. He started studying religion. That's quite early.

He said, but he was turned away from Islam because of a lesson that he was taught in school about Islam. He was shown some images that turned him away from Islam.

And then he said, he was going through some problems in his family. His father left; And his mother was on drugs. So he said he completely forgot about this issue of religion. Even though he had some early interest in it.

He said, and then he became a drug user; And then he was promoted to be a drug dealer, and he went to jail at the age of 14. So he had a miserable life.
He said, "later on, towards my later teenage years, after I came out of jail, I used to go to this park in Canada. It's in the center of the city. And that's where the drug addicts would usually congregate. And we would all smoke and use our drugs and you'd find needles all over and.... that's where we would all come together and get high."
He said, "So I went there, and I was sitting next to this guy who looked foreign, and I was smoking my dope and I saw something interesting."

He said, "The way that this guy next to me used to wrap his marijuana..." or...hasheesh or.. *whatever it was... I'm not very familiar with their specific terms*. He said "The way he used to wrap it was different. So that caught my eye. I asked him, [I see that the way you wrap your hasheesh (or hash) is different? Where are you from?]"

He (that guy) said, "I'm from Morocco".

He (Canadian guy) said, "So you must be a Muslim?"

He (Moroccan guy) said, "Yes. I am a Muslim".

He (Canadian guy) said, "Can you tell me something about Islam?"

Now he's remembering his early years of studying about religion.

He said, "so this Moroccan guy was going through the tenants of Islam and we were all smoking and we were very high and.... I mean... he's speaking and I'm just receiving all of that information and absorbing it, and we were both high."

"He's speaking very well and I'm understanding very well."

He said, "For 2 hours continuously, we were talking about Islam. Until we ran out of drugs. We had nothing left. And then we continued the conversation for another 2 hours. 4 hours in total."

And then he said, "Allah s.w.t. sent another person to sit next to us."

Subhaanallah, it was qadr of Allah.

: An Algerian person.

Who wasn't on drugs or anything. He was just there. He happened to be there.

He said, "Allah s.w.t. sent him (Algerian guy) to us to correct whatever mistakes that that person (Moroccan guy) would make."

You know, people have different understanding of Islam. So they will correct each other. And whenever one of them would mention something wrong, the other person would correct the false information.

He said, "We continued the conversation for 4 hours. After then I became Muslim."

He said, "Now, neither the Algerian or Moroccan person know that I became Muslim. Coz I left and then became Muslim on my own. And I stopped using drugs."

And Imam Awlaqi actually met him (that Canadian guy) and he (that Canadian guy) was doing da'wah at the time.

When he was telling us his story (there was a group of us), one of the brothers who were sitting and hearing the story, said a bad word about that Moroccan person, because of using drugs.

This Canadian Muslim brother; His face turned red, and he became very upset and angry. And he said, "Don't speak about him! Because I became Muslim through him! And every single thing that I do; My solah; My siam (fasting); My zakah; My zikr; Every single thing that I do, a copy of it will be deposited in his account."

Now, only Allah knows where that person is. He might still be in the park using drugs. He might be lost. And he never knows that in his account is solah, and siam, and zakah, they're all deposited and he knows no idea about it. He'll come on the Day of Judgement and see all of these and not know where it came from. "I was in those park using drugs. Where did all these good deeds come from?".

It all happened because of a few words that he said to a drug addict like himself. Now maybe he never knew that this person will become Muslim. Maybe he never intended it, he just, was conversing. Talking.

But he threw something good out there, and these are the fruits of it. So never belittle anything. Maybe there's a small thing that you would do here and there, and these would be the cause of your salvation on the Day of Judgement. While the big thing that you do; And the big projects; The things that you spend a lot of time on, wouldn't bear such a harvest.

And this is something that is in the hand of Allah, so you'll never know, therefore you should do whatever good you can. And leave it out there, just throw the seed and Allah s.w.t. will make them grow. But do not belittle anything.

ولو أن تلقى أخاك بوجهٍ حسن

"Even if it is as much as smiling in the face of your brother" - Al-Hadith.

Source: Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki's lecture: [The Life of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), Makkan Period: Part 11: The Early Immigrants Part 1]. 【MP3


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